Make Your Own Bourbon


Dear Bourbon Enthusiast,Have you ever wanted to make your very own batch of bourbon??   Well … Now You Can!

As a fellow bourbonlover, it’s my great pleasure to bring you information about small distilleries all across America who create bourbon … America’s official whiskey.

It has also been my privilege to taste many of these great new bourbons … on distillery tours, tasting events, and industry showcases. Each individual distillery adds their own fresh local ingredients … and a dose of bourbon loving passion … to every taste and every bottle.


After enjoying the nuances and unique flavors of all these wonderful bourbons, I was left with a persistent, nagging question …Is it practical, or even possible, for the average whiskey enthusiast to make their very own bourbon, in their own home with a minimum of expense?

Well, after a little research and a bit of due diligence, I’m happy to tell you …The Answer is “Yes! …

You Can Craft Your Very Own Full Flavored Bourbon From The Comfort Of Your Home

”Introducing … The Bourbon Barrel Craft Fine, Aged Bourbon At Home … In Just 3 – 12 Weeks

Now, for the introductory price of just $20 (includes shipping and handling), you can craft your very own full flavored bourbon within 3 – 12 weeks in your home … no special gadgets, no high tech knowledge required! Just a simple “pour and store” process, plus a little time for aging, and your own personal brand of bourbon is ready to enjoy or share with family and friends!

Before we share exactly how The Bourbon Barrel works, let me ask you a question …

Did You Know That Over 70% of a Bourbon’s Flavor Comes From the Oak Wood in the Barrel??

It’s true … the charred new oak barrels are what gives bourbon it’s distinctive color and much of it’s taste …

And that’s where The Bourbon Barrel comes in … each glass “barrel” includes freshly charred American Oak wood chips. These oak wood chips mix with your white whiskey to create your very own distinctive bourbon …Here’s How The Bourbon Barrel Works …


  • Step One: Pour 375ml of white whiskey (available at any liquor store) into the glass “barrel” with the oak chips. This immediately starts the aging process. You’ll see the white whiskey start changing colors within a few hours!
  • Step Two:Save the original bottle of the white whiskey for bottling your bourbon.
  • Step Three:Screw on the lid and write the date on top to track aging time. Store the glass barrel anywhere you want. And don’t be shy to taste test … test the flavor any time you’d like!
  • Step Four:When you’re happy with the taste of your bourbon (we recommend anywhere from 3 – 12 weeks aging time), place a cotton ball into a funnel (to serve as a filter) and pour your bourbon back into the original white whiskey bottle.
  • Step Five: Sip, enjoy, and share with friends!

Best Brain Supplements & Vitamins To Enhance Memory & Focus


Nootropics, which are more commonly known as “smart drugs,” have soared in popularity with the increased use among tech titans.  With the release of Limitless in 2011, Bradley Cooper displayed the extreme result of 100% brain cognitive functioning.  After ingesting one of these miracle pills, the character instantly turns into a financial wizard capable of analyzing mountains of data. Though this highly fictitious Hollywood portrayal sensationalizes the use of brain pills, the real-world use of nootropics still has incredible potential as intelligence enhancers. Nootropics are supplements, vitamins, herbs, nutraceuticals, or functional foods that are designed to stimulate brain activity for better memory, focus, reasoning, and concentration. The phrase was originally created by a Romanian psychologist and chemist Dr. Corneliu Giurgea in 1972 during his research to improve the working memory and focus. If you want to learn more about nootropics, I’d suggest reading up at places like, and

There also all “natural” nootropics like alpha brain that use earth grown ingredients. You can find two alpha brain reviews here, and here.


Unlike the Hollywood portrayal, nootropics do not instantly transform your brain health and make you smarter.  However, over time, there have been a number of vitamins and supplements scientifically proven to make substantive impact on the brain’s health. Through daily usage, scientific testing has linked these neuro enhancers to improved brain functioning. Currently, there are dozens of nootropic providers and Einstein Brain Supplements is here to help navigate the nootropic buying decision with research, reviews, and advice.

History of The Brain Supplement

The idea that adults can take a pill that will cause memory enhancement (or repair), increased focus, and improved cognitive reasoning certainly sounds futuristic. But, the truth is that brain enhancing nutrients date back several thousand years. Humans have displayed a long history of seeking out all natural ingredients to gain an edge over others. As early as 900 AD, tribal Ethiopians were mixing coffee beans in lard to improve their stamina for long hunts.  And the early Inca warriors had a history of chewing coca leaves prior to battle for better stamina and mental energy. Coffee has been a staple ingredient on college campuses for centuries. It is only with the recent advances in scientific research that precise dosing and accurate testing has been made possible to further advance the study of brain supplementation.

Primary Benefits Of Nutritional Brain Supplements & VitaminsImproved Memory


It’s not uncommon to wish for a better memory. If only you could read a book and recall 100% of the facts with certainty.  Think about how productive your learning would be with a better memory.

Laser-Like Focus

Intense concentration is incredibly difficult for millions of individuals. As ADHD rates continue to rise, it is evident that a growing population is searching for scientific improvement  to mental stimulants that can hone in the brain’s focus.



The number one reason people are switching to e-cigarettes is to use them to quit smoking. But there are other ways and situations you can use them. Not only are e-cigarettes cheaper and healthier than tobacco cigarettes but they can also be used in situations where you normally can’t smoke. The Portable Vaporizer Guide has a lot of good information about different vaping devices.

A man smoked an e-cigarette.

For example if you travel a lot or about to head out on a long road trip. You currently can not smoke a cigarette in airports and very few still have smoking rooms. If you are going on a long car trip with other people who don’t smoke you can’t really smoke in the car and it is not convenient  stop for smoke breaks. In both these situations you can use an ecigarette to get your nicotine fix an not have to worry where you can smoke it.

E-cig use a type of liquid nicotine, referred to as vape juice. The better the “juice” the higher the price, as you can see by premium lines like Five Pawns or the High Class Vape Company.

Most non smokers do not mind using ecigs around them since there is no smell or second hand smoke. But some people may give you a funny look in an airport so it is easy to just go into a corner or the bathroom and take a few puffs. Unlike smoking tobacco cigarettes everyone will know if you take 1 single puff because of the lingering smoke and smell. Since ecigs only produce water vapor and no odor people are finding out they can use them in a lot more places.

It is much easier to pull out and ecig take a few puff and put it back in your pocket if you need a quick fix. It is not really easy to light up a cigarette take a few drags and have no one notice. You also can’t just put it out and stick it back in your pocket because it will smell horribly. Especially if you live with non smokers you can use a ecig in the house and not worry about offending or putting the non smokers in danger. You use it in the bathroom or your bedroom and no one will ever know.

Man smoking e-cigarette

Most bars and clubs not have banned smoking inside state to state but will allow electronic cigs to be used inside. Especially clubs, no one like going out side in the freezing snow to have a cigarette but everyone like to smoke when they drink. So being able to use them inside is a huge advantage, you don’t even need to worry about washing your hands after words or smelling like cigarettes smoke.